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Our Mission

      Mission...where children come first.

Our Purpose - The Mission ECD Committee:

  •      Promotes partnerships and collaboration among families/parents, community and regional organizations, agencies, businesses and individuals.
  •      Identifies, shares and promotes resources, both formal and informal.
  •      Participates in the evaluation of programs and services as appropriate.
  •      Works cooperatively and collaboratively to enhance and sustain community programs, services and activities for children 0 to 6 and their families in the          geographical area of Mission and part of the Fraser Valley Regional Distict.


  •      This committee is currently independent although accountable to various funding sources.

Our Core Values

  •      Child focused, family centered and community based
  •      Research and evidence driven
  •      Celelbrate diversity
  •      Strength based
  •      Accessible

Our Roles and Responsibilities

  •      Advise decison makers, regarding funding decisions in early childhood
  •      Share communication/information and enhance networking among community partners
  •      Allocate Children First, Success By 6 and other early childhood funding opportunities in the form of community grants
  •      Evaluate the work of the committee
  •      Participate in outreach activities with children and families
  •      Advocate for children and families

2008-2011 Goals

  •      Children in Mission have increased performance as measured by the Early Development Instrument.
  •      Increase accessibility of services to children and families in Mission.
  •      Increase participation and involvement in the ECD Committee of non-traditional partners such as Municipal Government, business, daycares, parents and the          Aboriginal community.
  •      Raise awareness of early childhood development over a broad base including parents, the business sector and government.

The Committee and Understanding the Early Years Project

Through Social Development and Human Resources Canada's Understanding the Early Years'(UEY) initiative we provided the community with information about:

  •     their children's "readiness to learn"
  •     community factors that influence child development
  •     local resources that support young children and their families.

This information was gathered by means of:

  •     community mapping studies identifying community risk factors, strengths, and assets
  •     and a program inventory of local services.

The following EDI powerpoint outlines the results of EDI assessments for 2006, including the changes maps from the 2003 assessment.

“It takes a community to raise a child”

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